About Us
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A graduate of "Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health" and certified in NeuroMuscular Therapy by the "International Academy Of NeuroMuscular Therapies" of Saint Petersburg, Florida. Nationally Certificed with the NCBTMB and licensed by the state of Georgia.
I am a massage professional in rehabilitation. My massages focuses on those who need theraputic work. I work with chiropractors, personal trainers, physical therapists, medical doctors, and dentists to obtain optimum wellness. If you have been in a car accident, work injury, slip or fall I can help. I still hold the splendor talents for you to come and enjoy a relaxing massage to relieve stress and obtain a healthy balance.
Mission Statement:
My goal is to help in the healing process of our clients. I strive to insure your visit with me is kind, safe and comfortable.